Trends and Targets for 31/07/2018

UK Oil & Gas #UKOG #NASDAQ #GOLD Last time we reviewed this lot back in May, criteria were given for a movement to 2.2p, something we regarded as important. The target was achieved at the start of July and now we’re facing a bunch of “what now?” emails. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 31/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 30/07/2018

FTSE for August. (FTSE:UKX) #FTSE #BRENT #NK225 Now all the politicians have gone camping, we enter August, a month we detest due to a history of irrational movements. We sometimes suspect all paid employees of the markets are on holiday, leaving unpaid interns to man the levers. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 30/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 27/07/2018

FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) #DAX #NK225 #FTSE According to history, once the UK declared war on Europe (sorry, just Germany) in 1939, there followed a period of extremely good weather. And very little else! A derisive term, “The Phony War” came into being. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 27/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 26/07/2018

#RYANAIR (LSE:RYA) #SP500 #NK225  Since disclosing their airlines pilots are paid roughly the same as some plumbers (in London), Ryanair share price appears to be taking a bit of a tumble. Of course, perhaps there are other reasons! Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 26/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 25/07/2018

GB Pound vs Indian Rupee, #CAC40, #DAX #GBPINR While we tend adhere to “popular” currency pairings such as with the Dollar, Euro, or Yen, the Rupee burbles quietly in the background with occasional emails asking what we think is happening next. As always, it’s complicated! Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 25/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 24/07/2018

Alba Minerals (LSE:ALBA) #GOLD #NASDAQ Despite it being the holiday season, it appears some masochists are still interested in shares with a couple of mails received asking us to take a look at Alba and their future price potentials. Despite the Scottish sounding name, the future looks interesting for them. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 24/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 23/07/2018

FTSE THIS WEEK (FTSE:UKX) Our suspicion of a market which has wandered into full blown holiday mode was confirmed when the FTSE achieved our trigger 7705 on Friday, then reversed faster than a politician faced with a yes/no question. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 23/07/2018”