Trends and Targets for 18/02/2019

Mixed Bags of #Gold Nuggets. #Dax #Brent We tried something new at the weekend, giving a talk to the local (in Argyll) business community on thoughts for the future, Post-Brexit, using varied instruments as the basis of discussion. Obviously Sterling, Gold, Brent, the FTSE, and even Lloyds Bank featured in our presentation, each item provoking useful Q & A sessions. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 18/02/2019”

Trends and Targets for 11/02/2019

Royal Bank of Scotland #Brent #DAX The comedy bank, #RBS, continues to flounder around doing very little. At time of writing, the price is 239.1p which is, 23.91p in old money. Not the most scintillating increase since the gory days of 9p (in old money) a few years ago. We suspect we’re not the only folk still dividing the price by 10 to return to the “real” share price. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 11/02/2019”