We’re the folk who;

Projected Brent Crude from 107 dollars down to 28 dollars. It bounced at 27.8 dollars.

Predicted Gold from 1300 dollars up to 1570 dollars recently.

Predicted Fevertree share price crashing from 2073 downward, very recently.

Predicted GBPUSD spiking up from 1.29 to 1.35 in December 2019

Predicted the DOW from 18,000 moving to 24,500 points. (When everyone was writing about a coming market “correction”.

We predict stuff.

And thankfully have a proven (and importantly) checkable track record. Virtually all derivatives are covered, though tend avoid South American markets and Silver. For similar reasons, we rarely give near term Forex projections, due to the level of manipulation which occurs. However, when we give a Forex Big Picture prediction, ignore it at your peril.

Over the years, we’ve become arguably the most read (and relied upon) analysts in the UK, our syndicated output read by more than 1/4 million people per month.

All this came about with us designing software intended to mimic what the market intends. As “the rules” change, it’s an ongoing project, battling an invisible enemy.

Trends & Targets are the result of our decision to monitor and predict stock market movements to map future potentials with some accuracy. We DO NOT trade the markets for two reasons. Firstly, involvement with trades risks emotion clouding our interpretation of the figures. Secondly, we do not have the patience/temperament to trade.

Monitoring the worlds markets from Scotland.