Trends and Targets for 12/09/2018

#Chariot Oil #DAX #SP500 Sitting at a set of red traffic lights in Glasgow, a call was taken with news about New York. My business partner had been evacuated from Canary Wharf and it prompted a joke about the dangers of American doctors being allowed to fly Cessna light aircraft around skyscrapers, causing world panic. Thirty minutes later, when TV pictures appeared, the bad joke was regretted, never forgotten. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 12/09/2018”

FTSE HITS 7360 !

We’ve been banging on about 7360 on the #FTSE for an age, most recently on Friday . Given todays low was 7357, we’re a bit chuffed at the index hitting target. Unfortunately, it broke it slightly and while these 3 points may seem minor, we’ve an update required due to the potential for further misery!