PayPal Holdings for 30/07/2020

#Gold #SP500 We’re always quick to ridicule retail banks but PayPal are in a league of their own. Once regarded as “just” the online portal for eBay, now they issue cards, payment terminals, and apparently offer business finance. It’d be true to say we’ve always found them helpful to deal with, a voice at the end of a phone willing to exercise common sense when an issue with a transaction occurs.

Their share price has accelerated upward fairly remorselessly over the years, the value quickly exceeding the level before the Covid-19 dip and now looks poised to boldly go higher again.


We’ve a little problem worth mentioning, one which may prove important due to their earnings report being announced after the close on the 29th July. The immediate situation suggests movement continuing above 186 should hopefully attempt an initial 193 with secondary, if exceeded, a marginally more interesting 197 dollars. The proximity of both targets worries us a little as this sort of calculation will often point to the presence of a Glass Ceiling for movements, suggesting some hesitation is imminent.

Crucially, should PayPal manage to exceed 197 dollars in the days ahead, it enters uncharted territory as we simply cannot calculate any higher.


Should trouble make itself known, the share price needs weaken below 164 dollars as this threatens reversal to an initial 152, hopefully producing a level at which the price bounces. In the event any weakness makes its way below 152 dollars, the price could easily continue reversal toward 121 dollars and hopefully a price level regarded as “bottom”.

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Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
9:32:38PM BRENT 44.17
9:36:13PM GOLD 1969.17 1941 1928.5 1911 1961 1973 1986.5 1998 1950 ‘cess
9:45:40PM FTSE 6152.82 Shambles
9:52:11PM FRANCE 4977 ‘cess
10:04:53PM GERMANY 12894
10:12:18PM US500 3262 3211 3198.5 3176 3233 3266 3274 3295 3221
10:15:33PM DOW 26573 ‘cess
10:19:18PM NASDAQ 10708
10:21:15PM JAPAN 22530 ‘cess
29/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6131 points. Change of 0.03%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,331,168,852 a change of 8.86%
28/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6129 points. Change of 0.41%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 3,978,793,130 a change of -6.88%
27/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6104 points. Change of -0.31%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,272,805,133 a change of 6.51%
24/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6123 points. Change of -1.42%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,011,520,814 a change of -5.85%
23/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6211 points. Change of 0.06%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,260,959,883 a change of -10.5%
22/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6207 points. Change of -0.99%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,760,873,416 a change of -15.1%
21/07/2020 FTSE Closed at 6269 points. Change of 0.13%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,607,940,554 a change of 26.84%

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