Trends and Targets for 9/07/2018

THE #FTSE (FTSE:UKX) #BRENT #NK225 We remain reticent about the FTSE’s positive chances, despite Hamiltons stonking drive in F1 along with one of the home nations teams apparently doing well in a football tournament. And as for Wimbledon, thankfully good weather continues to provide adequate excuses to utterly ignore it. Our attitude to sport is simple. If it doesn’t have an engine, it’s not a sport. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 9/07/2018”

Trends and Targets for 6/07/2018

#FTSE for FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) # CAC40 #NASDAQ Sometimes it can feel the market just isn’t with you. Over time, I’ve noticed this phenomena exists with various entities. Personally, the last five years were punctuated with dishwashers. One simply flooded then stopped, another went on fire (!) and this week’s award went to the one which kept draining, presumably all night. Then gave up with a dreadful electric smell. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 6/07/2018”