Golden Prospect Precious Metals Ltd (LSE:GPM)

#Gold #SP500  around 32 at time of writing.  It’s always interesting when we get a chance to compare chalk with cheese and in the case of Golden Prospect, something quite fascinating is happening. We’ve had a few emails about this share “waking up” and while that’s certainly the case, the disparity in price movements between Gold and GPM’s share price since 2021 is fascinating.

It always strikes us as odd, while some companies slavishly follow the price of whatever commodity they specialise in, many others wander off and do their own thing. Of course, Golden Prospect don’t actually get their hands dirty in exploration, instead providing a fund who invest in gold and precious metals companies. As a result, despite our favourite gold miners on telly expressing utter delight at Gold staying above the $2k level, it’s likely to be some time until the enhanced price of gold works its way through to the bottom line of conventional organisation. By way of explanation, we watch Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold on Discovery, concluding there are actually only two or three miners worth paying attention to, even to the extent of viewing former opera singer ‘Emily Riedel’ and her fortnightly gold diving efforts on YouTube.


The immediate situation with GPM certainly suggests some caution. While the share price has definitely moved through the Blue downtrend since 2020, it hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory, visually attempting to exhibit a “more of the same” stance. For this reason, we’re a little worried, preferring to suggest waiting to see if it moved above the prior high of 37.5 before taking an interest as this calculates with the potential of movement toward a fairly useless 40p. However, in the event the 40p level is exceeded, our secondary for the longer term calculates at 52.5p, an ambition which even makes some visual sense as it matches the highs of 2022 and will probably represent a point of some hesitation in any longer term recovery cycle.


As always, we’ve a converse scenario, one which needs the share price to relax below just 31p to risk rearing its ugly head. Below 31p risks promoting reversal to an initial 25.5 with our secondary, if broken, at 21.5p and a possible bottom. With Gold currently at $2331 and looking  like it wants to enter a cycle to around $2160, we would not be aghast if GPM gets a bit of a hammering should the excuse be given.



Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
9:50:37PM BRENT 8671 Success
9:52:45PM GOLD 2331.79 2319 2313 2305 2330 2339 2347 2357 2325
9:54:41PM FTSE 8157.2
9:59:09PM STOX50 4938.4
10:02:23PM GERMANY 18321.9
10:06:11PM US500 5472.4 5445 5438 5409 5470 5481 5493 5509 5465
10:08:45PM DOW 39141
10:11:07PM NASDAQ 19799.2 ‘cess
10:14:17PM JAPAN 39491 Shambles


1/07/2024 FTSE Closed at 8166 points. Change of 0.02%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,792,112,455 a change of -7.38%
28/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8164 points. Change of -0.18%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,173,992,876 a change of 2.7%
27/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8179 points. Change of -0.56%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,037,946,434 a change of -10.36%
26/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8225 points. Change of -0.27%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,620,185,904 a change of 8.13%
25/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8247 points. Change of -0.41%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,197,523,885 a change of -1.46%
24/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8281 points. Change of 0.53%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,274,668,036 a change of -64.96%
23/06/2024 FTSE Closed at 8237 points. Change of -0.42%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 15,052,828,026 a change of 169.21%

SUCCESS above means both FAST & SLOW targets were met. ‘CESS means just the FAST target met and probably the next time it is exceeded, movement to the SLOW target shall commence.

Our commentary is in two sections. Immediately below are today’s updated comments. If our commentary remains valid, the share can be found in the bottom section which has a RED heading. Hopefully, this will mean you no longer need to flip back through previous reports. HYPERLINKS DISABLED IN THIS VERSION

Please remember, all prices are mid-price (halfway between the Buy and Sell). When we refer to a price CLOSING above a specific level, we are viewing the point where we can regard a trend as changing. Otherwise, we are simply speculating on near term trading targets. Our website is

UPDATE. We often give an initial and a secondary price. If the initial is exceeded, we still expect it to fall back but the next time the initial is bettered, the price should continue to the secondary. The converse it true with price drops.

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Section One – Outlook Updated Today. Click here for Section Two – Outlook Remains Valid shares

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