Europcar, is the crash over?

#DAX #SP500 When it comes to describing a “tough time” since the pre-pandemic high, Europcar share price chart takes some beating. Since 2017, the price has received a steady hammering, declining from the 13€ level to effectively zero, achieving a bottom at 0.25€. Everything below this ultimate 0.25€ was prefaced with an impossible minus sign.

Presently trading around 0.50€, we’re not inclined to any form of rabid celebration, the price taking a year to double from its bottom level!

However, in our trawl for anything potentially interesting in Europe, the share price now starts to look hopeful, one we suspect shall prove worth keeping an eye on. In addition, the company enjoying a recent expansion into the US, should find themselves able to become a truly worldwide organisation, this hopefully being reflected on their share price.

Currently, above just 0.53€ looks capable of triggering some price movement to an initial 0.77.  Should this level be exceeded, our secondary calculation comes along at a more useful looking 1.33€ and places the share in a position of considerable hope for the longer term. It’s certainly an item which has suffered pretty nasty reversals and perhaps, it shall prove to be the case, recovery from the pandemic is not sufficient alone in properly moving the price. Instead, their acquisition of US Fox Vehicle rentals may prove the catalyst to get the price moving.

Unless, of course, they’ve bought a turkey… Visually we don’t think this shall be the case.


Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
10:21:45PM BRENT 106.74 Success
10:23:32PM GOLD 1852.7
10:25:30PM FTSE 7257.34 ‘cess
10:27:16PM FRANCE 6153.5 Success
10:31:35PM GERMANY 13636 13503 13381 13215 13663 13879 13947 14171 13634
10:35:22PM US500 3942.75 3926 3901 3849 3968 4055 4099 4156 4002 ‘cess
10:39:16PM DOW 31882
10:41:38PM NASDAQ 11998 ‘cess
10:45:31PM JAPAN 25891 Shambles


11/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7347 points. Change of 1.44%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 9,304,334,633 a change of 45.01%
10/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7243 points. Change of 0.37%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 6,416,543,760 a change of 2.54%
9/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7216 points. Change of -2.31%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 6,257,631,157 a change of -11.88%
6/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7387 points. Change of -1.55%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 7,100,975,536 a change of 2.72%
5/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7503 points. Change of 0.13%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 6,912,828,845 a change of 20.87%
4/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7493 points. Change of -0.9%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,719,365,474 a change of -24.49%
3/05/2022 FTSE Closed at 7561 points. Change of -100%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 7,574,559,700 a change of 0%

SUCCESS above means both FAST & SLOW targets were met. ‘CESS means just the FAST target met and probably the next time it is exceeded, movement to the SLOW target shall commence.

Our commentary is in two sections. Immediately below are today’s updated comments. If our commentary remains valid, the share can be found in the bottom section which has a RED heading. Hopefully, this will mean you no longer need to flip back through previous reports. HYPERLINKS DISABLED IN THIS VERSION

Please remember, all prices are mid-price (halfway between the Buy and Sell). When we refer to a price CLOSING above a specific level, we are viewing the point where we can regard a trend as changing. Otherwise, we are simply speculating on near term trading targets. Our website is

UPDATE. We often give an initial and a secondary price. If the initial is exceeded, we still expect it to fall back but the next time the initial is bettered, the price should continue to the secondary. The converse it true with price drops.

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Section One – Outlook Updated Today. Click here for Section Two – Outlook Remains Valid shares

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