Is it a bird or a plane? Ryanair Plc

#France #Dax A wry smile was justified, when reading the news Ryanair were not going ahead with their massive order for a bunch of new Boeing aircraft. The company announcement, during the worst part of the pandemic was, we felt, suspicious. At the time, we wondered if it was a PR exercise to help defend Boeing or perhaps, a manoeuvre to essentially suggest airline shares have a strong future.

Whatever the company master plan, we can only suspect the posturing about buying 76 new Boeing 737 Max is no longer needed. Ryanair share price has successfully recovered to pre-pandemic highs but, for the last 9 months, has essentially flatlined, the share price fluffing around within a 2 Euro trading range. Passenger numbers, apparently already showing a substantial improvement, will doubtless surge in 2022 as familiarity with vaccines, covid case handling, and more efficient methods of handling cattle at airports are introduced.

There’s another aspect of flying, one we had been unaware of. Apparently passenger jets also carry freight. The combination of the pandemic, along with political incompetence over Brexit, combined to ensure industries like shellfish and salmon have seen their exports crash by around 95%. This reduction in freight business must be harming some airlines as freight in the opposite direction is also being affected, the Brexit poison chalice continuing to cause shortages in virtually every sector of life. Recent news of builders merchant, Jewson, now rationing supplies to the trade and warning of 20% price rises, will doubtless provoke nerves in the construction industry with a necessary knock-on for share prices.


Returning to Ryanair, their share price has proven directionless in 2021, the price still needing exceed 17.6 Euro to give an indication some price recovery is coming. From a chart perspective, there’s a perfect example of a “glass ceiling”, the share reaching a flight level first defined at the start of 2018 and effectively maintained as a ‘thou shall not pass” level since. Movements now above 17.6 calculate with the potential of an initial 19.5 with our secondary, if exceeded, working out at 22 Euro and a new all time high. This, for an airline which is always rated “worst” for customer service, still surprises us.

Ryanair share price needs below 14.5 Euro to justify early onset concern.

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Trends and Targets. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.


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Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
9:58:06PM BRENT 71.43 ‘cess
10:00:37PM GOLD 1794.24 Success
10:04:04PM FTSE 7128.94 ‘cess
10:06:51PM FRANCE 6705.7 6701 6696 6677 6721 6729 6736 6741 6712 ‘cess
10:09:40PM GERMANY 15829 15820 15812 15763 15855 15864 15878 15901 15820
10:26:03PM US500 4520.07 ‘cess
10:29:04PM DOW 35100.3 Success
10:31:49PM NASDAQ 15673 ‘cess
10:34:05PM JAPAN 29921 Success


7/09/2021 FTSE Closed at 7149 points. Change of -0.53%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,648,354,855 a change of 42.06%
6/09/2021 FTSE Closed at 7187 points. Change of 0.69%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 3,272,196,059 a change of -29.07%
3/09/2021 FTSE Closed at 7138 points. Change of -0.35%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,613,097,281 a change of 1%
2/09/2021 FTSE Closed at 7163 points. Change of 0.2%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,567,320,494 a change of -8.51%
1/09/2021 FTSE Closed at 7149 points. Change of 0.42%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,992,272,040 a change of -31.13%
31/08/2021 FTSE Closed at 7119 points. Change of -0.41%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 7,249,282,364 a change of 72.14%
27/08/2021 FTSE Closed at 7148 points. Change of -100%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 4,211,324,881 a change of 0%

SUCCESS above means both FAST & SLOW targets were met. ‘CESS means just the FAST target met and probably the next time it is exceeded, movement to the SLOW target shall commence.

Our commentary is in two sections. Immediately below are today’s updated comments. If our commentary remains valid, the share can be found in the bottom section which has a RED heading. Hopefully, this will mean you no longer need to flip back through previous reports. HYPERLINKS DISABLED IN THIS VERSION

Please remember, all prices are mid-price (halfway between the Buy and Sell). When we refer to a price CLOSING above a specific level, we are viewing the point where we can regard a trend as changing. Otherwise, we are simply speculating on near term trading targets. Our website is

UPDATE. We often give an initial and a secondary price. If the initial is exceeded, we still expect it to fall back but the next time the initial is bettered, the price should continue to the secondary. The converse it true with price drops.

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LSE:MKS Marks and Spencer. Close Mid-Price: 187.1 Percentage Change: + 3.34% Day High: 189.9 Day Low: 183

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LSE:STAN Standard Chartered Close Mid-Price: 459.1 Percentage Change: -0.04% Day High: 462.4 Day Low: 456.7

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