Trends and Targets for 27/03/2020

#FTSE #GOLD Is this how it ends, not with a bang but with a cough? A trip* to the mainland was frightening. Rows of unused Jets at the airport, a Chinese supermarket with staff wearing masks & surgical gloves, a Pet Food supermarket with many empty shelves, roads deserted of traffic, businesses closed everywhere. A usually cheery expedition felt quite scary, especially as neither Tesco nor the Pet Food place issuing staff with protective gear. Meanwhile, the FTSE jumped 2.2% and Wall St managed a 6.4% day!

*Thanks to panic buying, our local town is devoid of 
pet food. Due to NOT panic buying, we were nearly out 
of rice, a staple for my gluten-free life. 
Thai Jasmine rice rocks, you buy a 10kg sack and forget 
about it, thinking it lasts forever! My job during the 
shopping adventure was driver, not allowed to get out 
of the car.

Without a doubt, something stinks, society in paralysis does not gel with buoyant market behaviour. Normally, bad US jobless figures tend to be reflected quite firmly on Wall Street movements. We’d expected the worst with a 10 fold jump in weekly claims. Instead, Wall St celebrated or perhaps, the market opted to react against those with short positions! Obviously, we suspect the latter argument and it’s probable the index shall pay the price in the days ahead.


If we suspend disbelief, it’s now the case of movement above 5815 leading to an initial 5900 points. If exceeded, the secondary is at 5950. Importantly, perhaps, we have two very different criteria currently suggesting some volatility at the 5950 level. Above 5950 remains with 6474, an “it was all a bad dream” target level.


It was almost reassuring seeing the FTSE rise stumble at the level of the immediate Blue downtrend. It carried a suggestion some sanity remains in the marketplace and normally we’d expect push-back anytime now. That being the case, traffic now below 5668 looks capable of reversal to an initial 5618 points, pretty useless given the severity of recent swings. If broken, secondary calculates down at 5487 points.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
9:45:05PM BRENT 28.79 27.95 27.675 28.8 29.61 30.125 28.65
9:48:54PM GOLD 1632.75 1589 1573.5 1611 1644 1652 1612 ‘cess
9:51:08PM FTSE 5809 5470 5371.5 5616 5826 5869 5710 Shambles
9:55:22PM FRANCE 4565.7 4444 4309 4491 4567 4610 4395 ‘cess
10:29:29PM GERMANY 10038 9519 9245 9898 10113 10242 9876
10:32:22PM US500 2625.77 2470 2437.5 2511 2643 2655.25 2548 ‘cess
10:43:22PM DOW 22522 21225 20872 21988 22675 22713 22084 ‘cess
10:46:26PM NASDAQ 7860 7396 7228 7566 7908 7924 7634 Shambles
10:48:37PM JAPAN 19180 18417 17986 19039 19300 19338.5 18537


26/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5815 points. Change of 2.23%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 7,862,267,552 a change of -16.24%
25/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5688 points. Change of 4.44%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 9,386,988,784 a change of 9.28%
24/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5446 points. Change of 9.07%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 8,589,991,645 a change of -7.97%
23/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 4993 points. Change of -3.8%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 9,333,810,024 a change of -32.33%
20/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5190 points. Change of 0.76%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 13,793,008,167 a change of 30.09%
19/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5151 points. Change of 1.4%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 10,602,721,602 a change of 9.14%
18/03/2020 FTSE Closed at 5080 points. Change of -4.04%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 9,714,451,101 a change of 6.42%

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