Trends and Targets for 16/11/2018

#FTSE for FRIDAY #DAX #SP500 This is one of these times when we’re pretty nervous. The markets appear unable to decide direction convincingly and in the UK, we’re blessed with politicians unable to decide anything! The funny thing is… Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 16/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 15/11/2018

Vodafone #Brent #Nasdaq There are times when it feels like showing off! #Vodafone delivered an exquisite movement following our report on 9th October (link here), hitting drop target, then bouncing. Similarly, #Bitcoin reached the 5400 drop target last postulated on 22nd October with a massive drop. (link here too!) Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 15/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 14/11/2018

Centrica¬† #DAX #SP500 Sometimes, setting a Big Picture target can prove quite illuminating. In the case of #Centrica, the energy supplier, we’d speculated during 2017 of the price bottoming at 102p. Some strength has proven evident and the share bottomed at 120p instead! Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 14/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 13/11/2018

Faron Pharma #GOLD #NASDAQ In addition to exquisitely illustrating how annoying English pronunciation can be, #Faron share price also displays something which, from our perspective, is fairly noteworthy. Essentially, we hope the share is trading “at bottom” and awaits some news. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 13/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 12/11/2018

FRANCE, #CAC40 #Brent #DAX . Following a week, where one of the UK Brexit ministerial team appeared to express surprise at the UK being an island, importing ‘stuff’ by sea, it seems sensible to review how our nearest neighbour is doing in terms of their market. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 12/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 9/11/2018

#FTSE for FRIDAY #DAX #SP500 Obviously the UK market is doomed, expected to flounder around in chaos once the reality of the truth about Santa Claus existence is realised. But perhaps the outlook isn’t quite as grim as the weather here in Scotland where, it appears, we are even exporting lots of 2nd hand boats in addition to lots of whisky, oil, and energy. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 9/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 8/11/2018 #CAC40 #NK225 It was to take extraordinary effort not to review this at Halloween! However, the price has not been making scary movements, perhaps quite the contrary despite some near term reversal risks. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 8/11/2018”