Trends and Targets for 1st April

Sheet Ice Thermal Extraction (ICE.A1) Just when Desire Petroleum was almost forgotten, a surprise IPO picked up on the infamous “Monday: The sample is OIL, Wednesday: Sorry, just water” infamous series of reports which pumped, dumped and ultimately drowned the Falklands explorer’ share price.

Apparently their first report was both right and wrong, thanks to some abnormalities in that particular region. The problem, it seems, is the Antarctic and icebergs which calve from the continent.

Sheet Ice Thermal analysis confirmed the original “faulty” oil/water sample as containing ice crystals, setting them on a hunt to confirm an obscure theory. The claim, now, is of icebergs calved from the continent actually containing pockets of oil, the very weight of the ice forcing sub surface oil reserves to leak upward into the ice. As the sheets make their way to the ocean, the pockets of oil become sealed, often sinking with the iceberg when it reaches warmer, less dense, waters in the Atlantic. They contend this resulted in Desire Petroleum “false positive” all these years ago.

The company, already floated in Dubai, aim to raise capital to conduct annual surveys of all icebergs leaving the continent, along with commencing extraction procedures. In addition, their aim is to revisit an old concept, insulating the surface of the ice with the intention of floating the massive fresh water berg to desert areas, finally realising the dream of turning deserts green while extracting crude oil during the passage. Additionally, covering the upper surfaces with Solar Panels will generate sufficient electricity to superheat sections of the ice and produce steam jets, effectively propelling itself at speed northwards.

This, perhaps, explains the excitement from investors through the Dubai exchange and results in a scenario where the forthcoming launch of Sheet Ice Thermal on the London exchange shall prove profitable.

We’re obviously a bit cynical, living in a world with just two types of ice; the clear stuff goes in your whisky, the yellow stuff in a certain relatives whisky.

Our inclination is to play safe, suggesting now above 24 Dirham should bring moves to an initial 33. Secondary, if (when) bettered, is at 49, along with the need to revisit our calculations.

The price needs melt below 15.40 Dirham to melt optimism for the future.

Finally, have a good start to April…

29/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7279 points. Change of 0.62%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 7,194,190,661 a change of 41.01%

FTSE for FRIDAY, 29/03/2019

FTSE for FRIDAY and Bakkavor! #CAC40 #US500 Sometimes I wish this was a video presentation, if only for the joy of starting with; “Hello world and welcome to another report from the UK Banana Democracy!” Glancing at worldwide media, the “Dead Parrot” sketch has international recognition and use, rehashed daily to highlight Downing St “plans”.

We ended last week on a throwaway comment, proposing a fairly serious reversal if the FTSE mangled its way below 7300 last Friday. The UK market achieved our proposed bottom, breaking it slightly, of 7164 points 8 minutes after the market opened on Monday morning. There’s little doubt the 136 point reversal was due to speculation about the UK’s political competence. The immediate problem for tomorrow – Friday – as the index keeps approaching the uptrend for 2019. Visually, any break now below 7140 points is liable to prove fairly serious, permitted reversal to an initial 7030 points. Secondary, if broken, is down at 6921 points.

The index closed Thursday at 7234 points, presently requiring above 7298 points to justify any rise being taken seriously. Such a trigger moves allegedly allows continued recovery to an initial 7315 points. Secondary, if bettered, calculates at 7370 which, unfortunately, was also the trigger level required last Friday to allow us to take any rise seriously.

Bakkavor (LSE:BAKK) On the subject of Banana’s, this lot immediately sprung to mind. Famous for devouring the UK company Geest, the banana kings, this Icelandic food group have been listed in London since late 2017, the share price coming very close to a bottom level, a point at which we’d expect a rebound. The immediate situation suggests weakness now below 115 should reverse to 107p, this being the point at which we’d hope for a bounce. Any rebound bettering 128 looks capable of moves to an initial 141p. If exceeded, secondary is a longer term 153. At this point, we shall require reviewing its future.

To be fair, the recent low of 110p was “probably” close enough to bottom, so it’s perhaps worth keeping an eye on them. As always, we’ve a warning. Below 107 and “ultimate” bottom is at 92p. We cannot calculate below such a point.

28/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7234 points. Change of 0.56%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,101,844,209 a change of -12.7%

A look at Kingfisher for 28/03/2019

Kingfisher #Nasdaq #Japan When the USA finally gets around to building its Mexico wall, they should consider Pampas Grass at a material. The stuff is capable of eating a strimmer, totally destroying a lawnmower, and even a ride-on tractor will grind to a halt when faced with this absurd weed. Unfortunately, it’s a weed which garden centres sell.

It’s nearly spring, and time for the annual battle against a garden.

All joking aside, Pampas Grass is actually the subject of banning orders in some US areas. While visually pleasing at first, the plant is a nightmare in gardens. Similar to Rhododendron, it’s capable of annexing entire countries. This rant, of course, brings us to Kingfisher’ share price and their habit of owning stores with garden centres attached. Currently doing battle with both species of ‘garden centre promoted’ weed up here in our bit of Scotland, feeling kindly to garden centres is an alien concept. Once we identify exactly what type of triffid describes a border, it can be certain we shall rant about it. We’ve a border plant which successfully defeated a petrol powered hedge cutter, along with an electric chainsaw. This year, it faces a 36 inch petrol chainsaw, along with a new cutting technique which may involve a naked flame.

The important number for Kingfisher is currently at 216p. Despite the price trading at 230 at time of writing, we view it as heading down to 216p. The danger flourishes if it trades below 216p, even on the first spike downward. In fact, especially on the first spike downward, thanks to technical reasons. Below 216p and we shall regard it as on a cycle to a bottom, eventually, of 142p. This is not payback for their advertising the weed as “Grass Decorative Plant, Small” but instead, the reality of price movement calculations.

An publicity picture of B&Q Pampas Grass, waiting to murder a strimmer.

To dig their way out of this mess, Kingfisher require grow above 295p, making movement to an initial 324p likely. If exceeded, the price is expected to flourish to a longer term 356p.

27/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7194 points. Change of -0.03%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,844,319,657 a change of 9.2%

Trends and Targets for 27/03/2019

Zoo Digital #DOW #CAC40 Accidentally cutting your wrist at 2am always leads to a fun household. A chicken pox issue, going since last October, left hard lumps, very itchy hard lumps. Absently digging at one, there was a realisation the “lump” was 99% old tissue which could be prised off. Then it started to bleed – a lot – an awful lot. Waking wife, clenching a wrist, oozing blood between fingers, tends elicit hysterics and questions.

Which brings us neatly to Zoo Digital, along with a warning about picking at wounds!

There is always the temptation to try and pick bottom with shares and Zoo, presently, are flirting with some very real danger. At time of writing, the share is trading around 46.75p. From our perspective, it dare not break below 45.5p as this risks uncovering a painful scab, a move with greater potential for self harm than we’d expect. For the purposes of certainty (or as close to such as the market allows) we shall demand closure below 45.5p as providing breakage of the final straw but to be realistic, alarm bells would now ring if this trades an iota below 45.5p.

The danger?

Such a calamity enters a cycle toward an initial 18p and hopefully a bounce with some integrity. If broken, our secondary calculates at a bottom of 2.6p, something which is visually absurd despite being mathematically possible. It is vanishingly rare for us to propose a price reversal to 1/20th of current and we’re not comfortable doing so. But there’s little doubt the share requires above 64p just to regain the immediate uptrend – or above 82p to regain the “real” uptrend.

If it intends a bounce rather than break the 45.5p, and rebound exceeding 64 should prove capable of an initial 86p, along with some visual safety. If bettered, secondary calculates at 101p.

It’s worth watching but, as with any other share, it has dangers. Our reason for mentioning this one is fairly silly. Sometimes, the market appear to notice a share price skirting the edge of catastrophe and reacts, extremely positively, to remain the share from danger. Perhaps some research will make sense.

26/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7196 points. Change of 0.26%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,351,936,484 a change of 6.29%

A look at Hurricane Energy for 26/03/2019

Hurricane Energy #gold There comes a point in everyone’s life, a “you know you’re a grownup…” moment, which just feels ageing. Experiencing this today, automatically filling the salt shaker over the kitchen sink, gave a moment of self disgust. Forever gone was the crunch of spilled salt on a worktop, along with a withering look.

I often wonder if traders experience these lucid moments of common sense, when chasing a share price’, realising they dodged a bullet by opting to do something different. Popular share, Hurricane Energy, is approaching a point where folk may need question its future potentials.

The inset on the chart is being used to justify our doze of nerves. More often than we’d like, shares are promoted upward above a downtrend, giving an impression of good times ahead. Unfortunately, this impression will be dashed a few days later with the price forced below the downtrend again. We’ve adopted the term GaGa for this nonsense, Gap Up, Gap Down. As the inset shows, in the event Hurricane is gapped below that Green line anytime soon (presently 45.5) it will complete a perfect GaGa dance, moving the price into a region where we’d expect it to relax to 33p eventually. Secondary, if broken, is a bottom of 29p, this being a point where it almost must bounce.

Of course, we’re speculating on a movement which hasn’t yet happened but it is, without doubt, something to be aware of. Somehow or other, the market uses the strength in these GaGa things to generate sufficient weakness for severe drops.

Importantly, we’ve another inset worth discussion, again something fairly important. For some reason, the market has gone to exquisite lengths to avoid this share price actually closing above the 50p mark. It results in speculation this price is liable to prove quite interesting – if the market ever permits the share to actually close a session above 50p. Such a triggering move would suggest coming growth to an initial 61p. If exceeded, secondary is a longer term 72p, displaying a new all time high, preparing the share price for a strong future.

For now though, we’re worried about a “surprise” Gap Down appearing, taking the price below that Green trend line.

FUTURES – Would you fix this mess please!!!

Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
10:05:20PM BRENT 66.95
10:07:45PM GOLD 1321.9 1314 1311.75 1307.5 1320 1324.5 1326.5 1333 1315 Success
10:21:19PM FTSE 7182.11 ‘cess
10:23:35PM FRANCE 5263.2 ‘cess
10:38:47PM GERMANY 11362
10:40:56PM US500 2802.52 2784 2775 2756 2810 2813 2823 2836 2790 ‘cess
10:43:05PM DOW 25546 ‘cess
10:44:45PM NASDAQ 7326.37 ‘cess
10:46:51PM JAPAN 21141 ‘cess
25/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7177 points. Change of -0.42%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,035,430,432 a change of -15.43%

A look at Brent for 25/03/2019

BRENT CRUDE Big Picture. We’d friends round for dinner on Saturday. Okay, we had Chinese takeaway containers on the table, plates, cutlery, several bags of chips, and the inevitable bag of prawn crackers for the animals. And wine, lots of wine. Mrs T&T, despite proper chef credentials, likes relaxing with friends rather than cooking for ’em.

During the course of the evening, it became clear there was an almost ridiculous notion the market analyst in the room would know, with complete certainty, what was going to happen in the future as a result of Brexit. The shock, when it was admitted I don’t have a clue, should not have been a surprise. But at present, there are many indications of share prices being placed in fairly tight ranges until the current chaos – if it is chaos – can be resolved. Personally speaking, it’s difficult to trust anything written or broadcast, thanks to the level of agenda’ being promoted.

During the last week, there has been further evidence of share prices being stalled into a range with some interesting movements against the retail banks. Surprisingly, even Brent Crude (an international benchmark price) seems to be showing the potential of it being trapped for a while.

The immediate situation against Brent seems fairly simple.

Movement now above 69 should promote further growth to an initial 75. If exceeded, secondary is at 84 dollars. Visually, neither ambition is particularly helpful as it appears the market intends match the high of last year but certainly, no higher without some volatility first. More probable, if our suspicion about “parking” proves correct, shall be weakness now below 64 proving capable of reversal toward 55 and a bonk against the uptrend since 2015. A more severe (but visually unlikely) issue occurs, should the price manage below the RED uptrend as future weakness to 35 becomes possible.

For now, we favour the visuals which tend suggest a repeat of last years performance shall prove viable. As a result, it will hopefully be worth watching for similar dance steps enacted by oil related share prices.


Time Issued Market Price At Issue Short Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Long Entry Fast Exit Slow Exit Stop Prior
5:49:08PM BRENT 66.75 65.98 65.595 64.62 66.83 67.8 67.97 68.63 66.57 Success
5:56:25PM GOLD 1314.25
5:58:44PM FTSE 7189.49 Success
6:33:39PM FRANCE 5264 Success
6:36:20PM GERMANY 11322 11310 11239 11113 11515 11516 11570 11657 11449 Success
6:40:25PM US500 2802.57 Success
6:43:17PM DOW 25519
6:51:51PM NASDAQ 7331.24 Success
6:54:01PM JAPAN 21130 Success
22/03/2019 FTSE Closed at 7207 points. Change of -2.01%. Total value traded through LSE was: £ 5,954,205,929 a change of 5.47%

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