Trends and Targets for 30/11/2018

#FTSE for FRIDAY #Dax #Nasdaq So called ‘Social Media’ isn’t something we really do, other than daily links published to Twitter. However, someone saw fit to link our #Ferrari article when discussing it on ‘Reddit’ and suddenly we’re deluged with hits from the USA and Dubai. Needless to say, our love affair with Google Analytics continues; our hard core folk on Reunion Island along with Singapore also visiting for our Friday column. Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 30/11/2018”

Trends and Targets for 22/11/2018

GOLD $ #DAX #SP500 The return of TV’s excellent ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ documentary reminded it has been a few months since we looked at #GOLD and finally, some good news appears possible. As the BLUE line on the chart illustrates, the price surged above the trend, finally removing itself from the potential of serious drops. Of course, there’s a “but”… Continue reading “Trends and Targets for 22/11/2018”